Are You Making Use of Online Video in your Careers Research?

Posted by Jalal on 22 August 2014

You think you might want to work in arts administration, or perhaps in fashion, but you know you don’t know enough about the sector to be sure.

Or perhaps you are interested in museum work, but don’t know what the career progression might look like.

You have probably trawled through pages of text online. You may have even used a productivity app to collect snippets of text you think are relevant. It’s hard to keep track, and sometimes a struggle to absorb the meaningful information.

A valuable source of career-related information, and one which many people find it easier to learn from, is the large and constantly growing reservoir of online videos. Videos tell us stories, and when that story is, for example, how Taco Dibbits became Director of Collections at the Rijksmuseum, this may be the shortest route to that penny-drop moment: ‘So that’s what I want to do, and that’s how I can get there!’. Taco’s story can be found on the fairly new arrival on the scene – 10 Minutes

So, my tip this month for aspiring creative professionals? Ask yourself: ‘Am I making good use of online video resources in my careers research?’. If the answer is ‘I don’t know’, then see how many of the following online video resources you are using:


Youtube – it’s the elephant in the online video room! Of course, the content is varied, so you’ll need to be smart with your search terms. The search term ‘careers in film’ got me this gem, entitled Career Advice on becoming a Film Producer and Politican by Lord David Puttnam

10 Minutes With – this site is more focused on careers stories, and the content is organized by industry, function, language, region and seniority. There is a wealth of careers information here. It’s a paid service, which current University of London students can access for free. Use your college e-mail address and password to create an account, and ask at your college careers service if you have any trouble. An example of what you can find is this interview with Ivan Pols, Creative Director at advertising agency Ogilvy and Mather.

Career Player – this is a more established hub for accessing careers related video content. A quick go on the search function, under ‘performing arts’, yielded this video of Andrew Moss, of Hollyoaks fame, talking about his job as an actor.

Other useful online video sites are Videojug, and Vimeo. Try looking on these for tips on interview techniques, and workplace skills!

Happy viewing, and good luck!

With thanks to Jalal Afhim for this post

Topics: job hunting, creative industries

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