What a STEM Student could get from an Alumni Mentor

Posted by S Donaldson on 29 June 2015

Michael Ezra, Regional Business Manager Western Europe at Biotech Vision Care Pvt.ltd., graduated in 1989 from Queen Mary University London with a BSc in Molecular Biology.

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The Best International Careers Resource: GoinGlobal

Posted by Mark Gilbert on 17 January 2014

Here at International Futures we’re all very excited about our online international careers research tool – GoinGlobal. It’s a premium website which allows you to search for literally millions of jobs, internships and volunteering opportunities, across the globe. Whatever your career goals, and wherever you plan to work, GoinGlobal allows you to find the opportunities that are right for you.

As well as the powerful job search function, GoinGlobal also offers a superb employer directory detailing over 400,000 companies worldwide (yes, 400,000). This is an invaluable source of market intelligence, giving you the lowdown on the top employers in any given sector, across the globe. Want to work for an accountancy firm in Papua New Guinea? Find them on GoinGlobal – along with contact details, number of employees and annual sales. This allows you to determine who is likely to be recruiting, and how to contact them.

Last – but by no means least – the site features dozens of extremely detailed country profiles. These give you the lowdown on individual country’s’ major job sites, graduate recruitment fairs, professional organisations and masses of other useful info. You’ll also find interview etiquette tips for a particular country, visa and tax information, networking groups, CV & cover letter guidelines, advice on relocating, cultural information, and much, much more.

I know I’m gushing about this site, but it really is a bit special; and so easy to use. Here’s the catch – it’s a premium, subscription service. This means’ you can’t just access it freely. Your college may already subscribe (most of the University of London colleges do), so you’ll need to contact your careers service to find out how to get a personal account. Once signed up, you can use it from any computer, anywhere you are, where you’ll find a whole world of careers at your finger tips. Enjoy!

http://online.goinglobal.com/ http://www.goinglobal.com/

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Collaborating online with NGOpolis

Posted by Jeff Riley on 23 May 2013
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Political Risk - by the numbers

Posted by Jeff Riley on 28 May 2012

While Seán Doyle was studying his Masters in International Peace and Security at King’s College London he admits he would have had to be dragged forcibly into professional accountancy. Yet two years later he is a graduate trainee with KPMG in London and studying for professional exams with the ICAEW. He has surprised himself by how interesting he finds it and his mother is delighted! We talked to Seán about how this change came about.
Seán, what made you consider accountancy? After leaving King’s I went into a more typical role from the War Studies cohort and became an armed forces analyst with IHS Jane’s. I was especially focused on corruption in Eastern and Central Europe and while I enjoyed it and was able to be effective I started to get lost when I reached the numbers. I think I realised in the long term not being at ease around the numbers was going to be a significant limitation on my professional skills.

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Your One-Stop International Careers Hub: There’s More to Careers Tagged than Mayotte

Posted by Mark Gilbert on 24 January 2012

Every day dozens of students come to the Careers Service asking: “How can I find out about job opportunities in the French overseas territory of Mayotte (located between the Mozambique Channel and Madagascar)?” Okay, so maybe not ‘dozens’, or indeed ‘every day’, or possibly ‘ever’. But if they did, they would be in for a treat, because the University of London has possibly the world’s most comprehensive collection of resources on working in Mayotte (and any other country you’d care to think of): It’s called Careers Tagged, (www.careerstagged.co.uk) and it’s really very special. They would discover that opportunities in Mayotte (capital city: Mamoudzou) extend beyond lobster and shrimp fisheries, perfume and vanilla exports – to construction, education, development and a wealth of other opportunities. They’d find recruitment agencies specialising in France’s overseas territories (or ‘Dom Toms’), official government employment sites and international organisations present on the islands.

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