Lauren's story: the five biggest fears when starting my first grad job

Posted by Harry Picken on 16 February 2016

Interested in the media? Great! Love marketing and technology? Excellent! 

Lauren's a media executive at the content marketing and media agency, Pulse and in this industry insider special she writes about her five greatest fears when embarking on her career as a graduate and how she overcame them. 

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Topics: employability skills, Marketing, Advertising and PR

Reading list for budding digital marketers

Posted by Jake Mellett on 10 November 2015


The digital marketing industry is growing at a rapid rate, and the need for digital professionals is huge, it's estimated that the demand for Digital Marketers will grow by a massive 38% this year. But for those interested in a career in digital, gaining further understanding of the industry can be difficult because

  1. the industry moves so quickly,
  2. there's so much content on the subject out there, and
  3. it’s difficult to work out what's worth reading and what isn’t.

This article aims to provide to provide short introductions and suggested readings for those who think they might be interested in a digital marketing career. This is by no means an exhaustive list, however it will give you a good insight into different areas within digital marketing. 

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Topics: Marketing, Advertising and PR

Graduate jobs in the alcoholic drink industry

Posted by Julie Carling on 7 October 2015

There's a wide variety of graduate positions on offer within the alcoholic drink industry. The roles available are quite diverse and can suit graduates from vastly different disciplines including science, marketing, finance, arts and horticulture.


While certain skills are useful in every career path, individual talent and experience are always well rewarded.  The industry is very accommodating to recent graduates and there is a strong demand for individuals who are enthusiastic about the products being sold; if you have a passion for wine, beer and/or spirits, you'll do well! 

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Topics: STEM, Business and Finance, career choice, Marketing, Advertising and PR

A case study in digital advertising

Posted by IsabelFrazer on 9 April 2015

Violeta Todorova graduated from King's with a degree in Film Studies in Summer 2014. Eight months on, she talks to us about her graduate role of Digital Executive at advertising agency and 'Human Experience' company Starcom MediaVest Group.

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Topics: Marketing, Advertising and PR, creative industries

Social media jobs in the third sector

Posted by Tom Davies on 26 February 2015

If you’re reading this blog post there’s a strong chance that you’re a child of the social media generation, with the likes of Facebook and Twitter a daily presence in your life. But while it’s clear that a career in marketing is one of the more popular desired career paths for students, many still don’t realise that there are an ever-increasing amount of roles focusing on social media available to recent graduates. Where once responsibility for managing social media accounts would fall to a Marketing Officer, companies are increasingly recognising the importance of social media and creating specialist positions to co-ordinate this, such as Social Media Officer and Digital Campaigns Officer.

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Topics: job hunting, charity, Marketing, Advertising and PR

From the professionals: working in Advertising, Marketing & PR

Posted by IsabelFrazer on 3 November 2014

We hosted 3 industry professionals for an insights panel discussion on working in Advertising, Marketing & PR. Roles in these sectors can be intellectually stimulating and rewarding, so read on to find out more about the information & attributes you need to get into these sectors.

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Topics: Marketing, Advertising and PR, creative industries

Paid placements in advertising!

Posted by IsabelFrazer on 21 February 2014

Fancy spending your summer in a top London Advertising agency, working on live briefs and pitches for a wide variety of clients? Applications are now officially open for The IPA’s AdSchool and AdAcademy programmes!

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Topics: Jobs and Internships, job hunting, Marketing, Advertising and PR, creative industries

Five tips for getting started in green communications and advocacy

Posted by Manpreet Dhesi on 6 February 2014

This blog posts originally appeared on the UCL Careers blog

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Topics: charity, Marketing, Advertising and PR

The Careers Group on Twitter

Posted by Rosalind Kemp on 13 January 2014

Did you know that The Careers Group runs over a dozen Twitter accounts? Plus there are even more accounts run by The Careers Group's college services.

This won't be news to some as we know it's a way that a lot of you find our blog posts but recently we've changed the names on several of our Twitter accounts.
So in case you're confused here's the information on what feed to follow for your particular careers and job seeking interests.

This is our main Twitter account for students and graduates looking for jobs, careers information and advice on things like CVs and interviews.

This shares jobs as they're added to Job Online

Info about our graduate recruitment fairs, the employers who exhibit and the careers advice shared there

Information and advice on making a career in International Development

Careers information, events and advice to help you break into a career in the creative industries

Legal news, closing dates and vacancies

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Topics: charity, law, Postgraduate study, International Students, Marketing, Advertising and PR, creative industries

Insider advice on careers in marketing and advertising

Posted by IsabelFrazer on 13 December 2013

What's the difference between in-house and agency marketing? Do you have to be technical to work in digital? Are there advertising jobs available outside London? These questions and many more were put to marketing and advertising professionals during our panel webinars this week.

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Topics: Marketing, Advertising and PR, creative industries

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