Studying Medicine in the USA

Posted by Mark Gilbert on 21 November 2014

Each year an increasing number of international students consider studying medicine in the US. For those considering such a move after their time in the UK, here’s a few resources to get you started.

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Parliamentary inquiry into the closure of the Post Study Work Visa

Posted by VivienneWatson on 1 July 2014

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The government wants to know what impact the closure of the PSW has had on students, universities, and local economies and a committee has been set up to oversee this process. They are interested in hearing from overseas/international students and have asked for written evidence in answer to various questions, but particularly in relation to how the closure of the PSW has impacted your studies and ability to gain experience in employment in the UK and abroad.

You can find further information about the inquiry here:

If you are interested in submitting written evidence, please make sure you read the inquiry guidelines here:


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The Best International Careers Resource: GoinGlobal

Posted by Mark Gilbert on 17 January 2014

Here at International Futures we’re all very excited about our online international careers research tool – GoinGlobal. It’s a premium website which allows you to search for literally millions of jobs, internships and volunteering opportunities, across the globe. Whatever your career goals, and wherever you plan to work, GoinGlobal allows you to find the opportunities that are right for you.

As well as the powerful job search function, GoinGlobal also offers a superb employer directory detailing over 400,000 companies worldwide (yes, 400,000). This is an invaluable source of market intelligence, giving you the lowdown on the top employers in any given sector, across the globe. Want to work for an accountancy firm in Papua New Guinea? Find them on GoinGlobal – along with contact details, number of employees and annual sales. This allows you to determine who is likely to be recruiting, and how to contact them.

Last – but by no means least – the site features dozens of extremely detailed country profiles. These give you the lowdown on individual country’s’ major job sites, graduate recruitment fairs, professional organisations and masses of other useful info. You’ll also find interview etiquette tips for a particular country, visa and tax information, networking groups, CV & cover letter guidelines, advice on relocating, cultural information, and much, much more.

I know I’m gushing about this site, but it really is a bit special; and so easy to use. Here’s the catch – it’s a premium, subscription service. This means’ you can’t just access it freely. Your college may already subscribe (most of the University of London colleges do), so you’ll need to contact your careers service to find out how to get a personal account. Once signed up, you can use it from any computer, anywhere you are, where you’ll find a whole world of careers at your finger tips. Enjoy!

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The Careers Group on Twitter

Posted by Rosalind Kemp on 13 January 2014

Did you know that The Careers Group runs over a dozen Twitter accounts? Plus there are even more accounts run by The Careers Group's college services.

This won't be news to some as we know it's a way that a lot of you find our blog posts but recently we've changed the names on several of our Twitter accounts.
So in case you're confused here's the information on what feed to follow for your particular careers and job seeking interests.

This is our main Twitter account for students and graduates looking for jobs, careers information and advice on things like CVs and interviews.

This shares jobs as they're added to Job Online

Info about our graduate recruitment fairs, the employers who exhibit and the careers advice shared there

Information and advice on making a career in International Development

Careers information, events and advice to help you break into a career in the creative industries

Legal news, closing dates and vacancies

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Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Posted by Abi Sharma on 5 March 2013

With over 1 billion people learning English worldwide, TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) is a great career option for graduates. It’s also the perfect way to gain valuable CV experience and transferable skills to impress any future employer!

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Your One-Stop International Careers Hub: There’s More to Careers Tagged than Mayotte

Posted by Mark Gilbert on 24 January 2012

Every day dozens of students come to the Careers Service asking: “How can I find out about job opportunities in the French overseas territory of Mayotte (located between the Mozambique Channel and Madagascar)?” Okay, so maybe not ‘dozens’, or indeed ‘every day’, or possibly ‘ever’. But if they did, they would be in for a treat, because the University of London has possibly the world’s most comprehensive collection of resources on working in Mayotte (and any other country you’d care to think of): It’s called Careers Tagged, ( and it’s really very special. They would discover that opportunities in Mayotte (capital city: Mamoudzou) extend beyond lobster and shrimp fisheries, perfume and vanilla exports – to construction, education, development and a wealth of other opportunities. They’d find recruitment agencies specialising in France’s overseas territories (or ‘Dom Toms’), official government employment sites and international organisations present on the islands.

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Researching Law Firms for International Students

Posted by Mark Gilbert on 13 January 2012

Finding the right law firms can be a daunting prospect for prospective trainees. With thousands of firms covering dozens of specialities, the choice can be overwhelming. Obviously you can’t apply to them all, so how do you narrow down your choices?
Your Careers Service is here to help you find the resources you need to make the right decision. Drop in and speak to the information team, who can show you a number of publications which will help to arm you with the knowledge you need, and narrow down your options.
The good news is that as an international student, you have some advantages over the competition when it comes to applying for firms who work internationally – your cultural, linguistic and legal knowledge of your home country can be an invaluable resource to them. The Chambers guides to European and Global law firms are invaluable for finding who the big players are in each specialism, across dozens of territories. If you are looking to work in the UK, you can use the guide to find UK/US firms who have an office in your home country. Again, your cultural understanding may be a benefit to the UK office you aspire to work in, if they are doing international business.
Aside from the Chambers guide, there are numerous publications which will help you (try the LEX 100, Vault Guide to Law Firms and TargetJobs guide to law, to name but three). Most have very comprehensive websites; in particular and are invaluable.

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