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Posted by Fiona Richardson on 28 April 2015
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A message from Yulia Kiseleva, PhD student at the Department of War Studies at King's

*My colleague at UCL and I are looking for potential speakers to join a panel on careers advice to PhD students from early career researchers in International Relations/Political Science. This joint KCL-UCL event is to be held at UCL some time in June. The idea is very much at an early stage - currently we just want to know if there is any interest at all among post-docs who could thus contribute to the session. Advice could include how to secure early career fellowships/post-doctoral positions, obtain early career grants (from well-known grant-making bodies), how to do your post-PhD job search, make applications and prepare for post-doc interviews, more generally - how to plan your career after the PhD. The session is intended to be practical and rather informal.

Please contact if you are interested in being a speaker*


Topics: Peace, Politics and Policy, Postgraduate study, Fairs and Events

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