Can you beat this creative CV?

Posted by IsabelFrazer on 20 November 2013

Back in June, our sister blog Develop Your Career looked at creative CVs - when to use them, what to include and the ever-important reminder to back up your style with some serious substance. While there were some fine examples, this playable CV in the style of Super Mario takes the game to the next level:

Click on the image to play this resume!

You can take Super Robbie on a journey through skills, interests, work experience and awards - all clearly laid out and easy to navigate, finishing on a contact page.

If this is a little beyond your skills, why don’t you consider something a little easier to create – a prezume! It's an interactive CV using the Prezi presentation system. An example below shows a desktop where all the elements can be clicked, whereupon it will zoom in to reveal something about the person, including work experience, education and much more. Click on the image to give it a spin.

Click on the image to visit this prezume!

If you have seen better, then let us know about it in the comments below...

Topics: CVs and applications, creative industries

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