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Getting into medical school after an undergraduate degree

Posted by Maya Mendiratta on 18 February 2016

:Medical student image by University of Exeter used under CC BY 2.0

Last term The Careers Group ran the Exploring Graduate Entry into Medicine careers afternoon which was full of advice on medical work experience, personal statements, and interviews.

We heard from speakers based at medical schools including Nottingham, UCL, St George’s University of London, Imperial, Barts, and the University of Oxford on what they want from applicants to their graduate entry medicine programmes; here's what they told us.

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Topics: Medicine and Healthcare, Postgraduate study

Exploring Graduate Entry Into Medicine

Posted by Maya Mendiratta on 15 September 2015

Are you a university student or graduate thinking of applying to medicine?

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Topics: STEM, Medicine and Healthcare, Fairs and Events

The Go-To Person - Alternative careers for maths and physics graduates

Posted by Maya Mendiratta on 14 September 2015

I recently attended a conference called “Maths: Beyond the Bank and the Classroom" where several maths graduates employed in different sectors presented alternative careers to finance and teaching for numerate degrees.

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Topics: STEM, career choice

Working in Science Communication

Posted by Maya Mendiratta on 30 April 2014

So you have heard about this sector called “science communication” and you are thinking this might be the place for you to earn your rent money. You are probably someone with a science degree (or two), but don’t want to work in a lab. However you still love science, want to stay connected with it and want to tell other people about it. (But don’t want to be a teacher). How and where do you start?

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Topics: STEM

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