Unravelling the UN: What it’s like to work there and how to get in

Posted by Aimee Wilde on 2 March 2016

During a UN Careers event at King’s this week, almost 100 students flocked to listen to alumna Sarah Marshall. Having gained an MA in ‘Non Proliferation and International Security’ in 2015, Sarah is now a Programme Manager for UNMAS, the United Nations Mine Action Service.

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Topics: Peace, Politics and Policy

Getting into medical school after an undergraduate degree

Posted by Maya Mendiratta on 18 February 2016

:Medical student image by University of Exeter used under CC BY 2.0

Last term The Careers Group ran the Exploring Graduate Entry into Medicine careers afternoon which was full of advice on medical work experience, personal statements, and interviews.

We heard from speakers based at medical schools including Nottingham, UCL, St George’s University of London, Imperial, Barts, and the University of Oxford on what they want from applicants to their graduate entry medicine programmes; here's what they told us.

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Topics: Medicine and Healthcare, Postgraduate study

Lauren's story: the five biggest fears when starting my first grad job

Posted by Harry Picken on 16 February 2016

Interested in the media? Great! Love marketing and technology? Excellent! 

Lauren's a media executive at the content marketing and media agency, Pulse and in this industry insider special she writes about her five greatest fears when embarking on her career as a graduate and how she overcame them. 

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Topics: employability skills, Marketing, Advertising and PR

The 10 most popular Careers Group articles of 2015

Posted by Harry Picken on 11 January 2016

2015 was a busy year in higher education. It saw a higher education Green Paper, the proposal of a teaching excellence framework, and more students than ever seeking career advice from their university. But, let's not forget the hundreds of blogs published by The Careers Group for offering news and career advice for students, graduates, career centres and employers.

2015 also saw us launch a new-look blog platform where you can subscribe to email updates in addition to a new blog dedicated to graduate recruiters.

But which articles had you clicking the most? Here are the top 10 most-read of 2015.


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Topics: Jobs and Internships, Peace, Politics and Policy, employability skills, CVs and applications, career choice, Postgraduate study, international development, entrepreneurship

The geeks will inherit the world

Posted by Fiona Richardson on 19 November 2015

OK, so you may have missed the dot.com bubble but from a career perspective at least it’s still a pretty good time to be a computer geek as cyber security is rarely off the front page.  

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Topics: STEM

Reading list for budding digital marketers

Posted by Jake Mellett on 10 November 2015


The digital marketing industry is growing at a rapid rate, and the need for digital professionals is huge, it's estimated that the demand for Digital Marketers will grow by a massive 38% this year. But for those interested in a career in digital, gaining further understanding of the industry can be difficult because

  1. the industry moves so quickly,
  2. there's so much content on the subject out there, and
  3. it’s difficult to work out what's worth reading and what isn’t.

This article aims to provide to provide short introductions and suggested readings for those who think they might be interested in a digital marketing career. This is by no means an exhaustive list, however it will give you a good insight into different areas within digital marketing. 

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Topics: Marketing, Advertising and PR

Careers in the UN

Posted by Fiona Richardson on 8 October 2015

The UN is the ultimate ambition for many an International Relations student and routes of entry can be difficult to get a handle on. In theory all the information you need is on their official careers portal UN Careers. A new site has come to my attention which may also be helpful UNjobfinder. It has no affiliation to the UN but is run by a Swedish Social Enterprise aiming to support people wanting to pursue careers in International Development. In the past bogus UN job sites offering internships for hefty fees have been brought to my attention, but this one seems to be above board and contains lots of useful information. They gather current vacancies from around 1000 international organisations including internships. Perhaps the most useful part of the site is the ‘career resources’ where podcasts with UN employees give examples of paths of entry.

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Topics: Peace, Politics and Policy

Graduate jobs in the alcoholic drink industry

Posted by Julie Carling on 7 October 2015

There's a wide variety of graduate positions on offer within the alcoholic drink industry. The roles available are quite diverse and can suit graduates from vastly different disciplines including science, marketing, finance, arts and horticulture.


While certain skills are useful in every career path, individual talent and experience are always well rewarded.  The industry is very accommodating to recent graduates and there is a strong demand for individuals who are enthusiastic about the products being sold; if you have a passion for wine, beer and/or spirits, you'll do well! 

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Topics: STEM, Business and Finance, career choice, Marketing, Advertising and PR

Exploring a Career as a Web Developer

Posted by Rosalind Kemp on 2 October 2015

If you’re looking for a career that will constantly challenge you to learn new things and commit to solving problems, as well as allowing you to express your creativity whilst being immersed in the fast-paced digital world, then becoming a web developer is something you might want to consider.

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Topics: STEM, career choice

What is a Weapons Researcher?

Posted by Fiona Richardson on 1 October 2015
Here is an interesting position advertised on JobOnline.  There are a number of career buzz words that frequently come up with War Studies/International Relations/Political Economy students: policy, conflict resolution, research, journalism, public affairs, analysis, and humanitarian impact.
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Topics: Peace, Politics and Policy

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