Have you checked your spelling?

Posted by Cal Brindley on 5 May 2015

The number one reason why your job application is likely to be rejected is poor spelling. So you can have the right skills and experience, have done the internships, even researched the organisation and brushed up on your commercial awareness; but none of this will matter if you haven’t taken the time to proofread your CV. According to this article in the Telegraph, the most common spelling mistakes recruiters see are:

1) Responsibility

2) Liaise

3) University

4) Experience

5) Speciality

6) Communication

7) Achievement

8) Management

9) Environment

10) Successful

So…slow down. Try not to send off job applications in a rush. Try to factor in some time to proofread. Don’t rely on your computer’s spell check. And get a friend or family member to read over an application before you send it. You’ve put all that effort into getting good work experience and doing the best you can in your degree – so give yourself the best chance at making a good first impression.

Originally posted on the QMUL Jobs Blog

Topics: CVs and applications

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