Fat cats on tap! The Graduate Labour Market in 2015

Posted by Kate Murray on 9 March 2015

Fat cat

A Fat Cat with a tap yesterday, contemplating the results of the survey

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There are a number of key themes arising from High Fliers “Graduate Market in 2015”, which surveys the UK’s best known graduate employers:

The graduate job market is improving:

  • The number of graduates hired in 2014 rose by 7.9% compared with 2013;
  • Vacancies are predicted to rise by a further 8.1% this year;
  • This takes the number of vacancies beyond the pre-recession peak.

The importance of work experience

  • Previous work experience continues to increase in importance:
  • 31% of graduate positions in 2015 are expected to be filled by graduates who had work experience with that particular organisation;
  • Nearly 50% of the employers surveyed warned that graduates with little or no previous work experience at all are unlikely to gain a job with their organisation.

Many employers are likely to re-open recruitment later this year:

  • Over 700 graduate positions with top employers were left unfilled last year.
  • The Careers Group and your University of London College will help you contact these employers. For example, watch out for graduate recruitment fairs.

Contributed by The Careers Group's Graduate Outcomes group

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