No grad scheme? What now?

Posted by S Donaldson on 15 June 2016

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The 10 most popular articles from The Careers Group in 2015

Posted by Harry Picken on 11 January 2016

2015 was a busy year in higher education. It saw a higher education Green Paper, the proposal of a teaching excellence framework, and more students than ever seeking career advice from their university. But, let's not forget the hundreds of blogs published by The Careers Group for offering news and career advice for students, graduates, career centres and employers.

2015 also saw us launch a new-look blog platform where you can subscribe to email updates in addition to a new blog dedicated to graduate recruiters.

But which articles had you clicking the most? Here are the top 10 most-read of 2015.


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What career skills were you shouting about in 2015?

Posted by S Donaldson on 7 January 2016

Image from Marcos de Madariaga

Are you sick of 2015 countdown lists yet? No? Good, because here's another one.

Have you heard of Coursera? It's great. It allows you to take free online courses in pretty much anything, and those courses are taught by university experts. In fact, The Careers Group delivered a course in Employability Skills in 2014 and 2015.

And now the good people at Coursera have put together a handy list of 2015's most coveted career skills.
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Acing applications - what employers don’t want to hear!

Posted by Kate Murray on 23 December 2015

Writing answers to application form questions is an issue with two halves: the first half is generally pretty straightforward answers to biographical questions; the second half is generally the section that takes the longer time and requires more input. I’ll write later about Personal Statements, so here’s some help with those competency questions.

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Working at work experience - Advice for the unsure

Posted by Kate Murray on 22 December 2015

I met someone earlier today who wanted to find a part-time job to give himself some work experience for when he finishes his further degree. 

When I went to record our conversation, I found that he and I had already had that conversation a couple of years ago. I wondered what stopped him finding work then?  Will our chat today have made any difference?  

Here are some ideas for finding useful experience. Think carefully before you dismiss them, or perhaps your thoughts will, like my student’s, go round in circles for the next couple of years!

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Latest jobs and internships

Posted by Rosalind Kemp on 27 November 2015

There are currently 3638 jobs on JobOnline below are a few of them including for horses, stoats and kings.


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3 approaches to networking for a job (from personal experience)

Posted by Steve Morgan on 13 October 2015

 As a job search tactic, I genuinely believe that networking is a seriously underutilised tactic - so much so than when I see people who do utilise it, in most cases their chances are improved significantly. Whether it's the case of getting yourself out-and-about at particular events (and different types of events), or the way that you sell yourself online (and where/how you do it), here are a few ways that networking can really help you to land a new job - all of which are backed-up from with real-life stories behind them...

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Advice for navigating the Autumn Term event maze

Posted by Kate Murray on 30 September 2015

The new term brings with it the usual bewildering range of graduate fairs and slick employer presentations.  What’s the best way of visiting the fairs and finding out which employers you might actually be interested in working for?

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How to get a job and earn while at university

Posted by Rebecca Nugent on 29 September 2015

Being a student can be tough on your finances but have you thought about having flexible work to fit around your studies? Have you thought a bit of extra money would be a welcome boost to an ever dwindling bank balance?

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Graduate schemes: the good, the bad and the ugly?

Posted by Kate Murray on 23 September 2015

Shiny suits, polished shoes, reflective glass windows and vast reception areas.  These all seem to be indicators of the sorts of people and companies that offer graduate training schemes.  All often seem terribly attractive to students keen to be finding well-paid and ‘graduate level’ work at the end of their studies.

This post looks at some of the pros and cons of applying for the schemes.

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