Frontrunner for Disabled Students Programme

Posted by Frances Cassidy on 26 September 2014

Frontrunner for Disabled Students is a three day leadership and employability programme sponsored by Santander. Over 400 students from 100 universities across the UK have now attended the Frontrunner for disabled students programme. This is a free residential programme with the next course taking place in Nottingham from 4-6 November.

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Online Application Forms as a Barrier for Dyslexic Candidates

Posted by careers consultant on 31 July 2014

Remember when it was the norm to walk into an office or a store with a batch of neatly printed out CVs to hand out to prospective employers? Well, you’re probably aware that those days are long gone. With the continuous growth of digital technology more and more recruiters have moved along with the times to online application forms and assessments as an essential part of their recruitment processes. Yes, on the outset, online application forms are faster, more efficient and they allow for a paperless environment. However, it is commonly known that many people suffering with severe dyslexia find it extremely difficult to carry out tasks like processing data and online filing –with online application forms falling within this ambit.

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Too young…too old…it shouldn’t matter!

Posted by careers consultant on 7 July 2014

Diversity in the work place is always a good thing and equality and diversity initiatives are more and more becoming a part of the general framework of employment processes and policies. In the same way that any kind of diversity does, age diversity has many positive advantages for the healthy growth and sustainability of a company or organisation. It is important for work places to be able to strike the perfect balance between maturity and youthful energy or experience and enthusiastic spirit. One positive of an age diverse work force, is the way in which it creates a platform for employees to learn from one another. This post is about highlighting the fact that no matter where you are on the age spectrum, you do have something valuable to bring to the table.

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We are about to ‘Reach’ the end of April……

Posted by Janette Back on 30 April 2014

……so time to reflect on activity on the Reach website this month.

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International Women's Day

Posted by Rosalind Kemp on 4 March 2014

IWD takes place on 8 March and is particularly relevant to the world of work and careers. It emerged in the early 20th century from the struggles of female garment workers in New York City and women workers in Russia where their protests of 1917 turned revolutionary.

In the last 100 years there have no doubt been advances for women in the world of work but a recent World Bank report found that in recent years women have been losing rather than gaining ground in the employment sector. In terms of perception too women face prejudice regarding particular job roles or sectors they work in, for example a recent survey showed that most Britons still think men make better surgeons and plumbers than women.

This isn't a new issue. On the right is a picture of Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, the first Englishwoman to qualify as a physician and surgeon in Britain, among other career achievements. Initially people were reticent to visit her hospital but saving many lives during a cholera epidemic helped to minimise people's prejudices.

This International Women's Day there are lots of events relevant to job seekers and those curious about careers and work. You can find full listings on the IWD website and sessions include:

  • networking events
  • IWD in tech city East London
  • Women and entrepreneurship
  • talks on the history of women in labour and their work in particular sectors

To counter barriers to employment for women there are many organisations providing specialist information and events outside IWD too. If you're interested in working in science, technology, engineering, construction or maths check out WISE's events. Another option is TARGETjobs events which include IT, investment management, engineering, and STEM events for female students and graduates. Other organisations offering support and networking opportunities especially for women can be found in Film and TV, Publishing, Banking and Finance, Law and many other sectors.

Find more resources on women and equality in employment on Careers Tagged.

International Women's Day logo used with permission. Picture of Elizabeth Garrett Anderson is public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

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Don't Let Your Disability Define You

Posted by careers consultant on 13 February 2014

Many disabled students hold the general fear that employers will look at their disability and no further, failing to recognise and appreciate any other skills and abilities. In the search for employment, disclosure becomes a tricky area for many disabled students to face – especially those who aspire to get into the highly competitive world of graduate level employment. Essentially, your disability is irrelevant if it doesn’t affect your ability to do the job properly and you have just as much right to do things as anyone else.

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LGBT History Month

Posted by careers consultant on 6 February 2014

LGBT History Month takes place throughout the month of February each year and it’s all about celebrating the lives and achievements of the LGBT community. It is a month full of events and activities which seek to promote education about some of the barriers that still stand before the LGBT community today.

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Disclosing your disability to employers

Posted by Louise Honey on 29 January 2014

Deciding whether you want to disclose a disability to a potential or current employer can be a difficult decision and is a very real worry for a lot of students looking to enter the workplace after their studies.

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The gender issue

Posted by careers consultant on 4 December 2013

There are schemes available to encourage more female graduates to enter industries such as banking and engineering. Could companies be doing more? What could they do to bring more women into senior level positions in the workplace?

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Great with Disability

Posted by careers consultant on 5 October 2013

A new careers website for disabled students has been launched.

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