Career inspiration No. 3: Taylor Swift

Posted by careers consultant on 19 January 2016

This post comes from a series of blogs looking to pop culture for career inspiration.

How has it taken me three celeb career inspiration blogs to get to Taylor Swift?! Last time I wrote about the feline Taylor Swift, this time it’s the real deal. Here are just a few of the possibly infinite number of career lessons we can learn from Tay Tay’s phenomenal success.

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Believe in Yourself! Martial arts and the attitude of success with job applications

Posted by Payal Patel on 15 December 2015

I know what you’re thinking. What do martial arts have to do with job applications?

This is not about extra curricular activities (well I do mention that later). It’s about what you can learn from martial arts and how you can use this information to approach job applications in a healthier way!

Practising the philosophies of martial arts may help you overcome that initial dread of filling in the application form.

Both ‘practices’ have a lot in common. Both seek to project a positive self-image of confidence and strength.

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Career inspiration: Nadiya from GBBO

Posted by S Donaldson on 14 October 2015


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week you’ll know that Nadiya Hussain quite rightly won 2015’s Great British Bake Off. Her acceptance speech brought a tear to many an eye and her victory has been all over the papers and EVERYWHERE online.

But this is a careers blog. Surely we can’t make the GBBO about careers, right?


We think Nadiya’s performance holds important career lessons for us all. And we’re going to tell you about them.

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