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Posted by Rosalind Kemp on 27 November 2015

There are currently 3638 jobs on JobOnline below are a few of them including for horses, stoats and kings.


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Rock Physics and Scilly Birds: Exotic vacancies this week

Posted by careers consultant on 16 March 2015
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Social media jobs in the third sector

Posted by Tom Davies on 26 February 2015

If you’re reading this blog post there’s a strong chance that you’re a child of the social media generation, with the likes of Facebook and Twitter a daily presence in your life. But while it’s clear that a career in marketing is one of the more popular desired career paths for students, many still don’t realise that there are an ever-increasing amount of roles focusing on social media available to recent graduates. Where once responsibility for managing social media accounts would fall to a Marketing Officer, companies are increasingly recognising the importance of social media and creating specialist positions to co-ordinate this, such as Social Media Officer and Digital Campaigns Officer.

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Paid roles that help develop your career

Posted by Jeff Riley on 4 December 2014

The National Citzen Service is the UK based version of the International Citizen Service (blogged about regularly on these pages). While the National programme itself is for 16 and 17 year olds there are PAID opportunities available in the summer of 2015 to help deliver the UK programme. This could be working as a mentor, running workshops on different areas of expertise or helping at outward bound projects.

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Using social media to further your charity career

Posted by Anne Delauzun on 12 August 2014

It’s hard to escape the message that social media as a tool for career development is here to stay, but how can you harness this resource to develop your career in the charity sector? As a recent post ‘How LinkedIn changed my life’ by charity specialist and blogger Alex Swallow shows, the rewards are there if you’re prepared to put the effort in.

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How to sell your volunteering experience

Posted by Tom Davies on 9 July 2014

In much the same way that there is a need for you to not only list your degree on your CV, but really sell the skills and experiences you’ve gained through completing it, you may want to start doing the same with any volunteering you do. After all, as a recent article on the Guardian’s “volunteering hub” pointed out, around 75% of people in the UK took part in some form of voluntary activity in the last year, so simply listing your volunteering experience is no longer likely to be enough on its own to convince an employer to hire you. This will be especially apparent if you’re applying for a role in the third sector, where the amount of applicants with previous volunteering experience is likely to be even higher. In light of this competition, you need to start to think about how to effectively market your volunteering, and make your experiences stand out against other applicants. Here are a couple of suggestions on how you can do this:

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Four Top CV Tips from the Charity Sector

Posted by careers consultant on 25 June 2014

In this post, I’ll aim to summarise some of the main points raised from our recent webinar “CVs and covering letters for the charity sector,” in which representatives from British Red Cross, School of Hard Knocks and Oxford House gave feedback on real examples of CVs and covering letters. Though the focus of the webinar was primarily on the third sector, much of what was said was good general advice, so whether you’re looking to work for a charity, or in events management, read on!

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Webinar: CVs and covering letters for the charity sector

Posted by careers consultant on 2 June 2014

This blog post originally appeared on the Develop your Career blog

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Elevation Internships

Posted by Jeff Riley on 29 May 2014
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Online resources for charity positions across the world

Posted by Tom Davies on 11 April 2014

With the huge amount of careers resources available, it can be a challenge to know where to even begin to look. However, if you’re keen on a career in the Not for Profit sector this is where, as Information Officer at King’s I (hopefully!) come in. If you’re keen on a career in the Not for Profit sector, I’d highly recommend Idealist and Devex, two great platforms available for you to use through GoinGlobal, an online resource that all University of London students and graduates have access to. You can use GoinGlobal from any computer on the University of London network; if you want to use it elsewhere then you will need to create an account, but this can then be used on any computer worldwide.

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