Career inspiration No. 2:  lil Bub

Posted by careers consultant on 9 December 2015

This post is taken from a series of blogs looking to pop culture for career inspiration.

Adorable image from lil BUB

Career inspiration can come from anywhere. There are your obvious (and very useful) sources like careers advisers. But then there are the fun places. Like the life of lil Bub.

If you’re not familiar with lil Bub, get familiar. Because lil Bub is the cutest. She’s a celebrity cat. Born a runt of a feral litter, she was rescued and raised by Mike Bridavsky. And due to a variety of disorders she’s a perma-kitten with an adorable tongue that’s always sticking out. Lil Bub merchandise sales and appearances have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for animal charities and for her (at one point nearly bankrupt) owner.

And she’s about to release an album.

Yep that’s right. She’s about to be a music star, a feline Taylor Swift. So what career lessons can we learn from the astounding success of lil Bub?

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Graduate schemes: the good, the bad and the ugly?

Posted by Kate Murray on 23 September 2015

Shiny suits, polished shoes, reflective glass windows and vast reception areas.  These all seem to be indicators of the sorts of people and companies that offer graduate training schemes.  All often seem terribly attractive to students keen to be finding well-paid and ‘graduate level’ work at the end of their studies.

This post looks at some of the pros and cons of applying for the schemes.

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Is it better to study a law degree or not? 10 tips to help you choose

Posted by LouiseOgle on 30 June 2015
Would aspiring lawyers be better off studying History or Maths instead?
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Topics: employability skills, law, career choice

80,000 people did this last year - now it's your chance and it's free!

Posted by Sue Moseley on 27 May 2015

Want to learn how to make effective career decisions?

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Dude, where’s my future?

Posted by AndyWalsh on 21 May 2015

Have you ever found yourself wondering what London might look like in 10 or perhaps even in 15 years time?

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No grad scheme? No worries!

Posted by S Donaldson on 30 April 2015

Article by Anna Levy, Photo from Benson Kua

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Looking for a Job? Come and meet employers at the London Graduate Fair - 17th June 2015

Posted by AndyWalsh on 30 April 2015

As the summer approaches and exam fever takes over it’s worth giving 5 minutes thought to what you plan to do next. If you are in your final year, one possible option is gaining a job in the UK rather than going back home.

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Useful International Careers Information: TargetJobs

Posted by Mark Gilbert on 13 January 2015


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Preparing for an interview.

Posted by MalaMohindru on 29 August 2014

Preparing for an interview: The Basics.

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Exciting new FREE online careers course

Posted by Gemma Ludgate on 22 May 2014

Please note this course is now over.

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