Things to do at Easter in London

Posted by Abi Sharma on 2 April 2015

You may have noticed that your University is about to shut its doors for a month! Nice for some (Writer wishes he still enjoyed long University Holidays…) but many British students will go home to visit family during this time and so if you’re an International student in London, you may want a few things to do besides all the pre exam revision (Sorry to mention that).

But first…….Why do we get a holiday for Easter?

Well…… if you go by the windows of British shops you’d assume the holiday was based around having time off to eat your body weight in chocolate. These chocolaty delights often take the shape of Eggs or sometimes rabbits which are meant to symbolise new life or an empty tomb. Digging a little deeper, the Easter Celebrations are based around a number of key events in the Christian faith calendar that describe Jesus Christ’s death and rising to life after 3 days.

Maundy Thursday is the Thursday before Easter and symbolises the last supper or meal Jesus had with his followers.

Good Friday is a national holiday and represents the Crucifixion (Execution of Jesus by being nailed to a large wooden cross). You’d think this would be called Bad Friday, but Christian’s believe his death saved them from God’s Judgement.

Easter Sunday is a Christian day of celebration as Jesus defeats death by rising from the dead and promises his followers they can now join him in heaven when they die.

So that’s Easter……. what can I do in London?

From Time out

The Passion of Jesus

Wintershall Players return with their huge (for which read horses, donkeys, doves and a cast of over 100) open-air performance of 'The Passion of Jesus', featuring volunteers from in and around London. Huge crowds are expected but big screens will ensure nobody misses any crucial plot twists. (Trafalgar Square)

An Enchanted Easter Adventure

Explore the grounds of a fairytale gothic castle with this Easter trail. Use clues and riddles to work your way along the route and earn chocolatey rewards. No booking required. (Strawberry Hill House)

Rabble Easter Egg Hunt

Chase chocolate and get your daily quota of exercise during this team game which could be mistaken for a rowdy PE lesson on Clapham Common. No 'Rabble' session is the same and games vary from dodgeball and 'Quid-Pitch' to 'British Tickets should be booked in advance. (Clapham)

Death By Chocolate

As tradition dictates, The London Dungeon have ignored the fact that Easter is generally a friendly holiday and thought up a ghastly treat for visitors. A Victorian sweet shop will be tempting guests with is colourful confectionary and providing a sinister twist: its proprieter Miss Edmunds is a notorious poisoner. Dare you play chocolate roulette and risk a mouthful of mustard powder, chilli or even strychnine? It'll certainly make you think twice about scoffing all those Mini Eggs in one go. (Near waterloo station)

Easter Country Fair

Go wild in the country over the Easter weekend at this two-day fair featuring heaps of traditional entertainment and outdoor fun. Visitors will enjoy motorcycle stunts, birds of prey displays, ferret racing and on Monday a companion dog show. The Goat Show is your chance to bottle feed lambs and kids, and those who visit the Medieval Village will encounter some fighting knights. (River Lee Country Park, Broxbourne)easter-48249_1280

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