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Posted by Mark Gilbert on 1 December 2013

Over the next 20 years, global energy demand is expected to rise by 40% ( Whilst fossil fuels remain the dominant force in the energy sector, alternatives are playing a very significant part in filling the gap. Alternative energy – be it wind, wave, solar or geothermal energy, is an ever expanding global sector - so if you are looking for an interesting career in a growing, rewarding, valuable field, here are a few good resources to get you started.

There is far more to energy than engineering, though engineers are certainly in demand in the alternative energy sector. A quick glance at recruitment agency Reed’s alternative energy page reveals a wide range of roles including marketing, accounting, sales and technical positions.

Specialist sites like feature jobs across the globe, with an emphasis on the UK and Asia. These include technical and non-technical roles. Our own Jobonline is a regular source of alternative energy jobs

Our Careers Tagged site has hundreds of resources on renewables

There are plenty of opportunities for further study in the field, but make sure you have done some research into the likely career outcomes of such courses. Ask admissions departments some demanding questions about employability, links with industry and structured, accredited internships before committing. You can find dozens of Post Grad courses at just type ‘renewable’ in the search box.

Major energy players like BP are keen to highlight their green credentials, is a really good introduction to the field, and a big employer. From an international student perspective, the larger employers may be a good starting point, as they are more likely to be familiar with visa regulations, and to pay a high enough salary to allow you to get your Tier 2 visa. Don’t forget that there are many opportunities outside of the UK, and again, the larger companies will have a global reach.

This article from the Guardian gives an engineer’s perspective on alternative energy careers, and some very good tips.

Finally, Renewable UK are the official industry body for the wind and marine energy industry. Their site has a very useful careers section, and is a great starting point for commercial awareness on the sector, as it has a regularly updated news section. On their site you can also join ‘Action for Renewables’ The UK wide campaign to build public support for renewable energy.

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