How to get a job and earn while at university

Posted by Rebecca Nugent on 29 September 2015
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Being a student can be tough on your finances but have you thought about having flexible work to fit around your studies? Have you thought a bit of extra money would be a welcome boost to an ever dwindling bank balance?

Many students are now choosing to find paid work during their university years in the form of being a temp, part-time work or a student job, so if you are wondering where to start, here are our top five top tips to gaining employment while studying.

5 ways to earn and learn

1. Get Ahead

Start applying for jobs as soon as you arrive at university. Keep in mind that the job market is highly competitive and there are thousands of other students applying for work.

2. Look out for student jobs

The University of London has a student and graduate job board JobOnline as well as its own recruitment agency, University of London Recruitment Agency, where employers post adverts looking for staff. Sign up to receive job alerts and be the first in line to know about potential opportunities. You never know, you may even win something in their 'Temp. Spend. Do' recruitment campaign.

 Sign up to Uni of London Temp Agency

3. Don’t be fussy

If you are serious about getting work, you should bear in mind that your part time student job will probably not be your chosen career, but just extra money in your bank. Remember to remain open-minded about what you will do. For example you may find yourself working in retail, doing bar work, cleaning toilets, admin, they all pay the bills! 

4. Be honest about your availability

It’s important to be honest about your availability from the offset with yourself and your employer. It’s never a good idea to work a bar job until 3am in the morning when you have a lecture at 9am the following day.  Most employers understand that employing a student means having flexibility. Never let the job come between you and your studies.

5. Use your Careers Service

If you're finding it tough to get a job you can seek advice from your university’s careers service, maybe your CV needs redoing or maybe you are nervous about interviewing.  Whatever it may be make sure you are using all the services available to you.


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