Is it better to study a law degree or not? 10 tips to help you choose

Posted by LouiseOgle on 30 June 2015


 Would aspiring lawyers be better off studying History or Maths instead?
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Topics: employability skills, law, career choice

An interview with Liz Dawes, Trust Officer at City Disabilities

Posted by Phil Howe on 13 May 2015

City Disabilities is a charity set up to provide support and advice for students and professionals with disabilities, as well as employers. We caught up with their Trust Officer Liz Dawes to find out more about the Charity and get her advice for students.

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Topics: Diversity, law

Diversity Roundup - October

Posted by Rosalind Kemp on 31 October 2014
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Topics: STEM, Diversity, law, Business and Finance, Fairs and Events

Diversity resources

Posted by Louise Honey on 20 August 2014

Looking for resources that might help you tackle a particular barrier to employment? Then take a look at our resources section on the Reach Website (brought to you by the same team that populates this blog).

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Topics: Diversity, law

Law careers beyond the Law

Posted by Phil Howe on 17 March 2014

If you’re studying Law and have decided a career as a solicitor or barrister isn’t for you, what do you do? First things first, don’t worry! In my experience over the last 2 decades, helping employers recruit the best graduates, law students are in pretty high demand from firms as varied as government departments, professional services companies and strategy consultants. The content of your degree, combined with the many skills you have gained, makes you a pretty attractive proposition as a potential hire.

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Topics: employability skills, law, career choice

The Best International Careers Resource: GoinGlobal

Posted by Mark Gilbert on 17 January 2014
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Topics: networking, job hunting, employability skills, CVs and applications, Working abroad, law, career choice, International Students, Interviews

The Careers Group on Twitter

Posted by Rosalind Kemp on 13 January 2014

Did you know that The Careers Group runs over a dozen Twitter accounts? Plus there are even more accounts run by The Careers Group's college services.

This won't be news to some as we know it's a way that a lot of you find our blog posts but recently we've changed the names on several of our Twitter accounts.
So in case you're confused here's the information on what feed to follow for your particular careers and job seeking interests.

This is our main Twitter account for students and graduates looking for jobs, careers information and advice on things like CVs and interviews.

This shares jobs as they're added to Job Online

Info about our graduate recruitment fairs, the employers who exhibit and the careers advice shared there

Information and advice on making a career in International Development

Careers information, events and advice to help you break into a career in the creative industries

Legal news, closing dates and vacancies

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Topics: charity, law, Postgraduate study, International Students, Marketing, Advertising and PR, creative industries

What can I do with a 2:2? Thinking of looking outside of law?

Posted by Stephen Gurman on 1 August 2013

Unfortunately, not every student gets the results they were hoping for. Now that the big training contract deadline rush has passed, we take a look at some other options which are available to students who have less than perfect academics.

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Topics: law, career choice

Law for non-lawyers: getting legal experience

Posted by IsabelFrazer on 9 July 2013

Humanities students can make very attractive candidates for a career in law. Whether your history background has developed keen analytical skills, your languages degree has broadened your global perspective, or your studies in English have taught you to communicate articulately, it's likely you'll have many of the skills that could make you a great lawyer.

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Topics: law

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