The 10 most popular Careers Group articles of 2015

Posted by Harry Picken on 11 January 2016

2015 was a busy year in higher education. It saw a higher education Green Paper, the proposal of a teaching excellence framework, and more students than ever seeking career advice from their university. But, let's not forget the hundreds of blogs published by The Careers Group for offering news and career advice for students, graduates, career centres and employers.

2015 also saw us launch a new-look blog platform where you can subscribe to email updates in addition to a new blog dedicated to graduate recruiters.

But which articles had you clicking the most? Here are the top 10 most-read of 2015.


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Topics: Jobs and Internships, Peace, Politics and Policy, CVs and applications, Getting Experience, entrepreneurship

Leadership programme for disabled students

Posted by Rosalind Kemp on 2 June 2015

Common Purpose is a charity that runs leadership development courses and they are currently running a programme in partnership with Santander called Frontrunner for Disabled Students. It's a three-day residential course that takes students behind the scenes of a city to visit an incredible range of organisations and their leaders across different sectors (many of whom will be potential employers). Following the course, students will be able to apply to the Santander sponsored internship scheme.

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Topics: Diversity, Jobs and Internships, employability skills

Paid Arts & Media Internships

Posted by Rosalind Kemp on 8 May 2015


We've recently added a large number of paid internships in the arts and media sectors aimed at different groups who face barriers to employment.

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Topics: Diversity, Jobs and Internships, creative industries

Rock Physics and Scilly Birds: Exotic vacancies this week

Posted by careers consultant on 16 March 2015
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Topics: teaching, STEM, Jobs and Internships, Peace, Politics and Policy, charity, Working abroad, Postgraduate study, creative industries

All sorted for summer? If not, see these new jobs and internships!

Posted by IsabelFrazer on 20 February 2015

We apologise for the brief hiatus while our system was being updated...but we're back! With a round-up of some of the tastiest titbits that JobOnline has to offer this week...

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Topics: Jobs and Internships, job hunting

Exciting new vacancies on JobOnline!

Posted by IsabelFrazer on 9 September 2014

As the start of term draws nearer, you may be thinking about internship or part-time work opportunities available to you while you study.

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Topics: Jobs and Internships, job hunting

Paid placements in advertising!

Posted by IsabelFrazer on 21 February 2014

Fancy spending your summer in a top London Advertising agency, working on live briefs and pitches for a wide variety of clients? Applications are now officially open for The IPA’s AdSchool and AdAcademy programmes!

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Topics: Jobs and Internships, job hunting, Marketing, Advertising and PR, creative industries

Don't Let Your Disability Define You

Posted by careers consultant on 13 February 2014

Many disabled students hold the general fear that employers will look at their disability and no further, failing to recognise and appreciate any other skills and abilities. In the search for employment, disclosure becomes a tricky area for many disabled students to face – especially those who aspire to get into the highly competitive world of graduate level employment. Essentially, your disability is irrelevant if it doesn’t affect your ability to do the job properly and you have just as much right to do things as anyone else.

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Topics: Diversity, Jobs and Internships

Interns Placed by The Careers Group and the Business Value of Equal Opportunities

Posted by careers consultant on 31 July 2013

The Careers Group, University of London announces an almost-50/50 gender balance of interns placed on its STEP Scheme. Over 70% of all interns are of an ethnicity other than ‘White – British’

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Topics: Diversity, Jobs and Internships, job hunting

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