Things to do at Easter in London

Posted by Abi Sharma on 2 April 2015

You may have noticed that your University is about to shut its doors for a month! Nice for some (Writer wishes he still enjoyed long University Holidays…) but many British students will go home to visit family during this time and so if you’re an International student in London, you may want a few things to do besides all the pre exam revision (Sorry to mention that).

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Topics: employability skills, International Students

When In Rome... (Part 3)

Posted by Mark Gilbert on 25 March 2015

Nick Elliott returns with a final look at the cultural differences between European workplaces.

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Topics: employability skills, Working abroad, International Students

When in Rome... (Part 2)

Posted by Mark Gilbert on 24 March 2015

Nick Elliott offers more insights on working culture across Europe.

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Topics: networking, employability skills, International Students

When in Rome… (Part 1)

Posted by Mark Gilbert on 23 March 2015

International Jet-setter Nick Elliott reports on the differences between three very different working cultures. Vive la difference!

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Topics: networking, employability skills, International Students

Find Temporary Work in London

Posted by Abi Sharma on 21 February 2015

Are you looking for a part time job in term time? Some full time work over just the summer period? An internship? UK work gives you skills and experience that UK graduate employers value, as well as offering the opportunity to use your English in a business setting and with a variety of people.

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Topics: job hunting, employability skills, CVs and applications, International Students

The 10 Most Important Future Work Skills

Posted by IsabelFrazer on 19 January 2015

Ah yes, another pretty infographic. Useful for that fleeting distraction from editing those last 500 words before tomorrow's essay deadline. But hang on, what if these really were The Most Important Work Skills of 2020? What if you didn't get through the most important interview of your career in 2019, because of your lack of social intelligence or new media literacy? Ok, so the below might not become your new blueprint for how to live your life, but it might give you a good insight into how businesses are starting to think. What could you be doing now to be able to adapt to different cultural settings? Perhaps working abroad, or getting an internship in a global company, might help you to build up some great examples of this skill? Could signing up for an optional module in a different department provide evidence of transdisciplinarity?

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Frontrunner for Disabled Students Programme

Posted by Frances Cassidy on 26 September 2014

Frontrunner for Disabled Students is a three day leadership and employability programme sponsored by Santander. Over 400 students from 100 universities across the UK have now attended the Frontrunner for disabled students programme. This is a free residential programme with the next course taking place in Nottingham from 4-6 November.

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Topics: Diversity, employability skills, Fairs and Events

Preparing for an interview.

Posted by MalaMohindru on 29 August 2014

Preparing for an interview: The Basics.

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Topics: employability skills, career choice, International Students, Interviews

Skills for Global Work –Skills for Global Life?

Posted by careers consultant on 11 August 2014

Thanks to my colleague Helen West for sharing this interesting post....

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Topics: Peace, Politics and Policy, employability skills, Working abroad

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