Creating effective CVs as a researcher

Posted by VivienneWatson on 30 October 2014

Whether you are a researcher in the UK or abroad, having an effective CV is a must. Please see below for some helpful tips that have been provided by Vitae (an online resource that provides advice and resources for researchers on professional development and careers).

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Topics: CVs and applications, International Students

Job seeking tips for dyslexic graduates

Posted by Rosalind Kemp on 13 October 2014

We've blogged before about dyslexia and its particular barriers to the jobseeking process. But what can dyslexic students and graduates do about it? Well this week I came across a really good blog post on Graduate Fog; Dyslexic graduates: 6 job hunting tips you need to know about.

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Topics: Diversity, job hunting, CVs and applications

How to write a GREAT UK CV or application and find a job: Part 1

Posted by KarenDeadfield on 3 September 2014
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Topics: job hunting, CVs and applications, International Students

Find a job in Europe

Posted by Abi Sharma on 5 August 2014

Think of this as Europe’s equivalent to the well heard of US Green Card. The scheme which was announced in December 2011 allows European employers to connect with non-EU nationals and offer them residency and employment in the EU. The network is a free online service that allows individuals to create a profile and submit an electronic application. Employers can then browse profiles and connect with candidates to initiate an interview process where relevant.

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Topics: job hunting, CVs and applications, International Students

Online Application Forms as a Barrier for Dyslexic Candidates

Posted by careers consultant on 31 July 2014

Remember when it was the norm to walk into an office or a store with a batch of neatly printed out CVs to hand out to prospective employers? Well, you’re probably aware that those days are long gone. With the continuous growth of digital technology more and more recruiters have moved along with the times to online application forms and assessments as an essential part of their recruitment processes. Yes, on the outset, online application forms are faster, more efficient and they allow for a paperless environment. However, it is commonly known that many people suffering with severe dyslexia find it extremely difficult to carry out tasks like processing data and online filing –with online application forms falling within this ambit.

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Topics: Diversity, CVs and applications

Marketing yourself back home. Part 1- Know the local market…

Posted by AndyWalsh on 5 June 2014

When searching for Jobs back home, you need to know as much as if you'd never left. Employers won't give you special treatment just because you've been out of the country for 3 years. So this is my quick guide of areas to look at if you want to impress an employer with your knowledge

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Topics: CVs and applications, International Students, Interviews

Exciting new FREE online careers course

Posted by Gemma Ludgate on 22 May 2014

Please note this course is now over.

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Topics: CVs and applications, Veterinary Science, career choice, Interviews

Getting work as a 'global graduate'

Posted by Sue Moseley on 8 May 2014

Many students in the UK are from international backgrounds. For example, 60% of postgraduate students in higher education are from non EU countries (source: AGCAS). In the current job market there is considerable power in being a ‘global graduate’. It’s a VERY important point to build on if you are an international student and relevant to all students, since the qualities that come with being a ‘global graduate’ are sought by MANY employers across MANY sectors.

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Topics: networking, employability skills, CVs and applications, International Students

Social media: how do you use it well?

Posted by Abi Sharma on 16 March 2014

Careers information often talks about using social media for your job search. Almost everyone nowaways is on twitter or facebook or linkedin or googleplus. Social media is all around us. We can be inundated by information from it and we can waste a lot of time on it but we can also harness it for our benefit to crowdsource funding for new projects, learn about career insights, network with professionals and enhance our job searching. How do we do this?

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Topics: networking, job hunting, CVs and applications, International Students

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