Paid Arts & Media Internships

Posted by Rosalind Kemp on 8 May 2015


We've recently added a large number of paid internships in the arts and media sectors aimed at different groups who face barriers to employment.

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Topics: Diversity, Jobs and Internships, creative industries

Wannabe Creatives - Have You Considered the 'Passion' vs 'Security' Trade-off?

Posted by Jalal on 22 April 2015

Careers in the creative sectors carry their own set of challenges. As many a struggling creative will tell you, there can be a trade-off between pursuing what you are passionate about, and securing a reliable income stream that will grow incrementally. This post is a brief case study of somebody who definitely prioritized ‘passion’ over ‘security’, and how they have made it work for them (so far!).

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Topics: charity, Working abroad, career choice, creative industries

A case study in digital advertising

Posted by IsabelFrazer on 9 April 2015

Violeta Todorova graduated from King's with a degree in Film Studies in Summer 2014. Eight months on, she talks to us about her graduate role of Digital Executive at advertising agency and 'Human Experience' company Starcom MediaVest Group.

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Topics: Marketing, Advertising and PR, creative industries

Careers in Publishing webinar - this week!

Posted by IsabelFrazer on 23 March 2015

Love books? So do we. But it takes more than a well-used Kindle, a penchant for correcting misplaced apostrophes and an eye for spotting the next Minituarist / Goldfinch / [insert must-read book here] to succeed in publishing. And it's not all about editorial - publishing is a multi-million pound juggernaut of an industry that brings together people from all business areas. From rights and licensing to operations and publicity, there are dozens of roles that make use of a variety of skillsets and expertise.

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Topics: creative industries

Rock Physics and Scilly Birds: Exotic vacancies this week

Posted by careers consultant on 16 March 2015
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Topics: teaching, STEM, Jobs and Internships, Peace, Politics and Policy, charity, Working abroad, Postgraduate study, creative industries

Awards Season and Diversity

Posted by Louise Honey on 4 March 2015

Awards season is upon us with all its glitz and glamour.

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Topics: Diversity, creative industries

Ticking the Diversity box

Posted by Louise Honey on 25 February 2015

Our last post focussed on the lack of diversity seen during awards season, and this is really a follow on from that, looking at current media and the small screen and whether the shows we are presented with represent the diverse societies in which we live.

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Topics: Diversity, creative industries

From the professionals: working in Advertising, Marketing & PR

Posted by IsabelFrazer on 3 November 2014

We hosted 3 industry professionals for an insights panel discussion on working in Advertising, Marketing & PR. Roles in these sectors can be intellectually stimulating and rewarding, so read on to find out more about the information & attributes you need to get into these sectors.

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Topics: Marketing, Advertising and PR, creative industries

Forging a career in festivals

Posted by IsabelFrazer on 23 October 2014

With the curtain coming down on the BFI London Film Festival last Sunday (see Film London's CEO Adrian Wootton's round-up of tweets from the best of the festival), some of you might be wondering about what career opportunities exist in arts festivals, and how to go about getting in.

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Topics: creative industries

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