Top 5 reasons to work for a startup after uni

Posted by Lilli Hender on 19 February 2016


Startups are exciting and rewarding places to work but it’s worth acknowledging they’re not without their risks. When times are good they’re really good and, you guessed it, if times are bad they can be really bad.

Startup_Stock_Photos.jpgDo your research before you apply and you could well find a startup could be just the place for you.

Here's look at the great things usually on offer when you begin working life at a startup. 


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Want to be self-employed? Your uni can help!

Posted by Vanessa Freeman on 29 October 2015

Are Careers Services doing enough to support students who want to become self-employed?  A recent survey of over 1,000 graduates highlights that although there is a clear interest in self-employment as an option after university many respondents felt there wasn’t enough provision to help new graduates start on this path.

The Careers Group colleges do support students in this area, so I looked at some of what's currently on offer.

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Is it better to study a law degree or not? 10 tips to help you choose

Posted by LouiseOgle on 30 June 2015


 Would aspiring lawyers be better off studying History or Maths instead?
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Topics: employability skills, law, career choice

International Futures Summer Webinar Series

Posted by Mark Gilbert on 5 June 2015

Every year The Careers Group runs a series of webinars for international students from across the University of London. Don’t miss this summer’s series, which will cover finding work in the UK and overseas. To participate in the webinar you need to register your place.

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80,000 people did this last year - now it's your chance and it's free!

Posted by Sue Moseley on 27 May 2015

Want to learn how to make effective career decisions?

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Dude, where’s my future?

Posted by AndyWalsh on 21 May 2015

Have you ever found yourself wondering what London might look like in 10 or perhaps even in 15 years time?

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No grad scheme? No worries!

Posted by S Donaldson on 30 April 2015

Article by Anna Levy, Photo from Benson Kua

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Looking for a Job? Come and meet employers at the London Graduate Fair - 17th June 2015

Posted by AndyWalsh on 30 April 2015

As the summer approaches and exam fever takes over it’s worth giving 5 minutes thought to what you plan to do next. If you are in your final year, one possible option is gaining a job in the UK rather than going back home.

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Topics: networking, job hunting, CVs and applications, career choice, International Students

Wannabe Creatives - Have You Considered the 'Passion' vs 'Security' Trade-off?

Posted by Jalal on 22 April 2015

Careers in the creative sectors carry their own set of challenges. As many a struggling creative will tell you, there can be a trade-off between pursuing what you are passionate about, and securing a reliable income stream that will grow incrementally. This post is a brief case study of somebody who definitely prioritized ‘passion’ over ‘security’, and how they have made it work for them (so far!).

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