Top 5 reasons to work for a startup after uni

Posted by Lilli Hender on 19 February 2016


Startups are exciting and rewarding places to work but it’s worth acknowledging they’re not without their risks. When times are good they’re really good and, you guessed it, if times are bad they can be really bad.

Startup_Stock_Photos.jpgDo your research before you apply and you could well find a startup could be just the place for you.

Here's look at the great things usually on offer when you begin working life at a startup. 


A chance to shine 

Startups tend to consist of a small collection of dedicated individuals. The founder of the company is generally still heavily involved in the day-to-day running of the business, meaning if you do something well, it’ll be noted by the big boss.  

This is much less likely to happen in a larger, more established firm. You might occasionally work longer hours, but you’ll almost definitely pick things up quicker, and take on lots of responsibilities. This will pay when you’re made to feel like you’re making a difference - which you will be! 

Lots of flexibility 

Only a short time ago, the company was probably run from a bedroom in the early hours of the morning so the concept of a stable workplace can still be evolving at the business. For example, it can be common to quickly outgrow a space and have to move offices regularly.  

Some people might find this daunting but change can make for an exciting time. Often you can have a say in these changes and help shape your own working environment. Startups are innovative places to work and among the first to pick up new trends, such as flexible working.   

Gain valuable skills... 

When a company is relatively new, highly specialised roles might not have yet been established. This means whatever job you’ve been hired to do could entail a series of tasks you never envisioned. You might be expected to cover everything from PR to IT and all the acronyms in between. This can be slightly overwhelming but it’s never boring; just think of all the new skills you can add to your CV and LinkedIn! 

… and move on up! 

The first few years of a company can often be when expansion happens fastest. This being the case, management positions soon open up and if you’ve been there since the early days, you might well be considered. There’s also the opportunity to move to a different role within the business; if you’ve picked up new skills and want to pursue them, it can both be in your best interest and the company’s too. 

Passion and positivity  

Generally, a person don’t start a business unless they feel there is something they can add to the market; you’ll be working with people passionate about what they do. It’s important to have a good energy in a working environment and startups usually have this in abundance.  

The starting salaries may not compare to the those of corporate grad schemes but don’t let that stop you, this may change as you grow alongside the business. At a startup, your introduction to the working world can be a whirlwind adventure. Who knows, it might even inspire you to start your own business.  


Lilli Hender writes for Office Genie: a desk and office space marketplace for freelancers and startups. 

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