International Women's Day

Posted by DeenaLamelaPanthaky on 6 March 2015

Did you know International Women's Day was yesterday? Well there were a number of interesting and engaging events taking place, highlighting serious issues affecting women across the world.

This was to encourage men to consider the world through new eyes, whilst challenging the norm.

It was a good opportunity to highlight serious issues affecting women across the world

It seems everyone had something to say...even Glamour magazine

In order for positive affirmation to have widespread support we need to be the change we want to see. This means challenging a stereotype, a way of working, a jokey comment that is never just a joke, pushing the glass ceiling, challenging unfair pay. This is something that both genders can do. As Professor Michael Luck, Dean of Natural and Mathematical Sciences said when asked yesterday why he was chairing an International Women's Day panel, 'this is not a women's issue, there is a cultural shift that requires all of us be involved and support it'. From mentoring, to supporting careers breaks to raise a family, to flexible working, there are a number of things both genders can do to adopt a positive mindset and move things forward.

Topics: STEM, Diversity

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