Diversity in Science

Posted by Louise Honey on 7 August 2014

Do you feel that a career in science is unattainable? Are you discouraged from considering science opportunities? Is it really all men in white coats?

The science industries have been a talking point for a while now in relation to the lack of diversity within their workforce. Most publicised is the gender gap - but does more need to be done to make science a viable career option for other groups too?

If you are passionate about this then there is an opportunity to do some research into what is going on in the sector. The Biochemical Society are offering three grants of up to £500 to support and address issues relating to diversity in science.

They give examples of potential uses for the grants including; events or activities to encourage diversity in science or research into the lack of representative diversity within the science sector.

The grants are open to individuals, groups or charities and businesses.

Whether this is something you want to actively get involved in or not, it is great to see that industry bodies are providing support to help further understand the issues. They want proposals to demonstrate an understanding of the issues and challenges pertaining to diversity in science and the effectiveness of the proposal to address these issues and challenges.

For further information about the grants visit; http://www.biochemistry.org/Grants/DiversityinScienceGrants.aspx

Many of the professional science societies also have some great careers advice on their websites. Take a look at their collective location to find further details; http://www.charlesdarwinhouse.co.uk/


Topics: STEM, Diversity

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