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Posted by careers consultant on 4 July 2014

Late last year I attended a careers conference at the European Commission in Brussels. Many of the successful candidates I met mentioned they had done their Masters at The College of Europe.

The College of Europe runs a number of Masters and 70% of the students who apply are fully-funded.

(There are some special scholarships available to History graduates -

They’re actively seeking UK students. The Masters are in:

· European Interdisciplinary Studies
· EU International Relations and Diplomacy Studies
· European Political and Administrative Studies
· European Economic Studies
· European Legal Studies

It’s a not-for-profit institution, set up in 1949, Nick Clegg is one of the alum, so is the Head of Chanel in Moscow! Apart from a degree the student would need GCSE-level French (they stressed that this should not put people off).

Oct- Jan is the application period. It’s a 1-year programme based in either Bruges, Brussels or Natolin, Poland

If you are interested call into Careers and Employability as I have a few brochures on my desk.

Topics: Peace, Politics and Policy, Postgraduate study

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