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Posted by Mark Gilbert on 17 July 2015

We really hope you are finding these posts useful and interesting but have you thought of writing a blog of your own? It could be a great way for you to improve your language skills and to develop your own writing style. Karen Deadfield talks you through the basics.

The way you write a blog will be different to academic writing which can be very formal and difficult to read. In fact, there is evidence now that blogs are starting to be used as part of assessed work at undergraduate level. In an article in a recent edition of Connections, the online magazine of the University of London International Programmes, Tim Hitcock is quoted: “One of my favourite blogging experiences involves embedding blogs in undergraduate assessment. By forcing students to write 'publicly', their writing rapidly improves. From being characterized by the worst kind of bad academic prose - all passive voice pomposity - undergraduate writing in blogs is frequently transformed in to something more engaging, simply written, and to the point.”

According to the same article, “blogging can also serve as an excellent platform to kick start your career. At a job interview it will be a bonus if you can use your blog or blog contributions to demonstrate your passion in your field.” The article also gives an example of how postgraduate students can use blogging to promote events or call for papers.

So, how can you start your own blog? First, you need an idea! Read as many blogs as you can that interest you and see if there is a gap you can identify. What will your readers get out of it? How will you get their attention so they come back and read it again and again? Once you have your idea, choose a name for it and follow the advice here for getting started:


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