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Posted by Abi Sharma on 21 February 2015

Are you looking for a part time job in term time? Some full time work over just the summer period? An internship? UK work gives you skills and experience that UK graduate employers value, as well as offering the opportunity to use your English in a business setting and with a variety of people.

The University of London temp agency has a variety of different part time and full time jobs which you can apply to. Temp agencies provide short term workers to businesses, so you could find an opportunity that's anything from less than a week to 6 months.

How does it work? Go onto the temp agency website and under the 'vacancies' tab, select either 'part time' or 'temp' work. This will show you a list of opportunities you could apply to. Upload your CV and then hit the 'apply' button for any job that you want to apply to.

Make sure you get your CV checked with your careers service before you upload it, as your CV will stay on the system, and be used when you apply for jobs in the future.


temp agency image copyright The Careers Group, University of London

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