Marketing yourself back home. Part 2- Networking…

Posted by AndyWalsh on 20 June 2014



When searching for Jobs back home, you need to know as much as if you’d never left. Employers won’t give you special treatment just because you’ve been out of the country for 3 years. So this is my quick guide of areas to look at if you want to impress an employer with your knowledge.

This week is networking. Building a network of people that can help you in your job search back home is key. I’m going to explain why networking is important, what it is and where you can do it.

Why maintain and build your network?

  • Keep up to date with job market trends back home – any booming sectors, interesting developments?
  • Contacts to turn to once you return home
  • Jobs are often not advertised – if contacts back home know what career you are interested in they can make you aware of job roles
  • Remember your network has their own network … and so on ..

What is networking?

Networking is often misunderstood. It’s not just meeting people to ask them for jobs, but is about developing long term mutually beneficial relationships that enable you to understand a particular career and maximise opportunity. Networking contacts could be friends or family, university alumni, employers or employees working in your chosen field.

Top tips when networking:

  • Talk and be genuinely interested in the person
  • Ask interesting questions about what they do
  • Share insights into your career journey and what interests you
  • Don’t just ask for a job
  • Remember to get their contact details
  • Maintaining contact after meeting them (email /LinkedIn / meet-up)

Where can you network?

  • International recruiters coming to your University or careers fairs in London
  • Expat Groups – LinkedIn / Alumni / Meet-ups
  • Societies at University and in London
  • Friends back home
  • Online – follow companies on twitter or platforms that suit your home country
  • Set up a LinkedIn profile and connect with people you meet
  • Both personal and professional networking are important


Happy Networking!

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