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Posted by Sue Moseley on 8 May 2014
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Many students in the UK are from international backgrounds. For example, 60% of postgraduate students in higher education are from non EU countries (source: AGCAS). In the current job market there is considerable power in being a ‘global graduate’. It’s a VERY important point to build on if you are an international student and relevant to all students, since the qualities that come with being a ‘global graduate’ are sought by MANY employers across MANY sectors.

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Take international bank Societe Generale: Here is what they currently highlight in their recruitment:
Previous intakes from 26 different nationalities
• Based in all continents
• 48% of graduates working outside their ‘mother country’

So what are the qualities of a ‘global graduate’? In her role as director of talent at PricewaterhouseCoopers, Sonja Stockton observed that global graduates are those who 'can take a global perspective' and 'can work in multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural and multi-locational teams'.
You can read more here in this Independent newspaper article

Ideas for action:
• To make the most of your power as a ‘global graduate’, review your CV and how you present yourself to employers. Make sure that you are giving clear evidence that you take a global perspective.
If you’re an international student, describing how you have made a successful transition to life and study in the UK can be a great example of this global perspective. Engaging in societies and activities on campus can be useful ways to contribute to that.

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