Insider secrets to get the best airline deals for work or study abroad

Posted by Nicholas Painter-Bosworth on 28 October 2015
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Are you going on Erasmus, study abroad or work abroad?

These days study abroad isn't just for language students. With some of the largest students numbers looking to work or study in Europe and beyond ths year we thought you may appreciate some money saving tips. Here are 7 top tips that you'll find invaluable when searching for flights to make sure you get the most for your money.

1. Delete your cookies

When you search on an airline website and find that amazing, unbelieveably cheap deal, the website will track when, where and how you chose to search. When you go back at a later date, your cookies will tell the airline of this choice, thus leading to the reservation website automatically bumping up the price (JUST FOR YOU).

Culprits: Almost every airline!


2. Don't search for the date you want

This one is similar to the hint above, however this time deleting cookies won't help you. When an airline sees that a date has regulary been selected, it will add additional cost to that day. The more clicks, the more cost. Try searching for a day either side of when you want to travel, usually you can see the date and price of when you want to fly (and the website will be none the wiser that you ACTUALLY want to fly on that day). 

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3. 21 day rule

The best deals for European flights can be found 21 days before travel (Usually). Although this can be short notice when planning studying or working abroad.


4. Know the real value of the cost

It's common knowledge in the Airline industry that customers see the cost as 'more significant' than they would in every day life. For example you may see a flight for £300 direct to Dubai (7 hours)... however you may also see a flight for £260 indirect (20 hours), you may think you have found a flight 'MUCHcheaper' however, if you honestly ask youself, would you rather save £40 to and spend and extra 13 hours travelling, the answer is probably no, so don't just always go for the cheapest. Think about it, most of the time, if you are stuck in transit in an airport half way to your destination, a couple of big macs and a drink later, you might be verging on the cost of that quick and easy direct flight.

Every penny counts when you finally reach your study abroad destination!


5. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the best days to fly

These are the quiestest, cheapest and least likely to produce delays. Simple, honest and practical. 


6. Book on a Tuesday

Typically people start searching for flights on Wednesday, however the airlines love weekends, because that is when you finally book. They see demand on the weekdays and pump up

the price reflective of that. The majority of the time, this price is revised down on a Tuesday ready to increase daily until the weekend. If you actually purchase on the Tuesaday, you will happily see the price increase until the weekend, safe in the knowledge you got the best deal. By the next Tuesday it will go back down, but usually a little higher than what you paid.


7. Long haul for the long haul

Finally, If you are flying long haul, 11-12, or 7-8 weeks in advance is when you should book. These are when airlines look at long haul demand and revise prices.

and finally...
We hope you find these top tips helpful. If you have a tip worth sharing, please post it in the blog's comments.

If you're looking for a job abroad, check out the Overseas section on JobOnline and visit your Careers Centre.



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