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Enterprise: Is it different for girls?

Posted by DeenaLamelaPanthaky on 20 March 2015

An interesting post from our enterprise colleagues

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Topics: Diversity, entrepreneurship

All the Techie ladies

Posted by DeenaLamelaPanthaky on 16 March 2015

Here is a good news story, it shows that positive change is possible and it needn't even take that long. Technology has long been a male dominated environment, but they have also been an industry that has been one of the most proactive in taking action to remedy the dire previous gender split, and are now reaping the benefits. It is also worth celebrating, as this progressive industry is also a fast growing sector which means the changes are here to stay and likely to benefit a wider number of people as time goes on

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Topics: STEM, Diversity, Business and Finance

International Women's Day

Posted by DeenaLamelaPanthaky on 6 March 2015

Did you know International Women's Day was yesterday? Well there were a number of interesting and engaging events taking place, highlighting serious issues affecting women across the world.

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Topics: STEM, Diversity

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