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Things to do at Easter in London

Posted by Abi Sharma on 2 April 2015

You may have noticed that your University is about to shut its doors for a month! Nice for some (Writer wishes he still enjoyed long University Holidays…) but many British students will go home to visit family during this time and so if you’re an International student in London, you may want a few things to do besides all the pre exam revision (Sorry to mention that).

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Visa routes changes for international students

Posted by Abi Sharma on 26 February 2015

This week I was fortunate enough to go to the Houses of Parliament, to attend the launch of a government report on international student post study work opportunities. The Shadow Immigration Minister, UUK, the British Chambers of Commerce, Labour MP Paul Blomfield and Conservative MP Richard Bacon spoke at the launch, backing the findings of the report.

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Find Temporary Work in London

Posted by Abi Sharma on 21 February 2015

Are you looking for a part time job in term time? Some full time work over just the summer period? An internship? UK work gives you skills and experience that UK graduate employers value, as well as offering the opportunity to use your English in a business setting and with a variety of people.

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Academic careers in Japan

Posted by Abi Sharma on 20 August 2014

There is much to attract academics to roles at Japanese universities – aside from a rich educational legacy the country has a whopping 2.8 million students, dwarfing the HE system in the UK and providing an abundance of work opportunities. However, as a foreigner, these opportunities may still be quite tricky to access.

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Find a job in Europe

Posted by Abi Sharma on 5 August 2014

Think of this as Europe’s equivalent to the well heard of US Green Card. The scheme which was announced in December 2011 allows European employers to connect with non-EU nationals and offer them residency and employment in the EU. The network is a free online service that allows individuals to create a profile and submit an electronic application. Employers can then browse profiles and connect with candidates to initiate an interview process where relevant.

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Topics: job hunting, CVs and applications, International Students

Finance career paths in India: part 2

Posted by Abi Sharma on 2 April 2014

This is the second guest blog in the two part series on job options within Finance in India.

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Topics: job hunting, career choice, International Students

Finance Career Paths in India: Part 1

Posted by Abi Sharma on 25 March 2014

The unprecedented growth in the economy and the industrial development in India are opening up several new avenues for those who want to enter the finance sector. There are several lucrative and satisfying career options that one can choose from, after completing the finance courses. Here, we present some of the prominent career options available.

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Topics: job hunting, career choice, International Students

Social media: how do you use it well?

Posted by Abi Sharma on 16 March 2014

Careers information often talks about using social media for your job search. Almost everyone nowaways is on twitter or facebook or linkedin or googleplus. Social media is all around us. We can be inundated by information from it and we can waste a lot of time on it but we can also harness it for our benefit to crowdsource funding for new projects, learn about career insights, network with professionals and enhance our job searching. How do we do this?

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Topics: networking, job hunting, CVs and applications, International Students

China careers event

Posted by Abi Sharma on 8 March 2014

Zhaopin, China's largest recruitment agency, are advertising vacancies in China.

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