Postgraduate courses and funding: your choices laid bare

Top 5 reasons to work for a startup after uni

Postgraduate Study Fair launches new look and website to great response

Think big to enlarge career prospects!

The 10 most popular Careers Group articles of 2015

Want to be self-employed? Your uni can help!

Insider secrets to get the best airline deals for work or study abroad

PhD funding fair: April-Louise's story

Students with disabilities: Top tips

Events this term for LGBT students

Don’t let employers hold you back. Unleash your potential!

8 Blogs Written By Entrepreneurs Worth Checking Out

Start your own blog!

UK CVs and Cover Letters

Finding full time work and work experience in the UK

Marketing Your Degree Overseas

Making the Most of LinkedIn for International Students

Money, Money, Money

Is it better to study a law degree or not? 10 tips to help you choose

Pop up: a good platform for a start up

Sticking up for STEM women

A Day in the Life

International Futures Summer Webinar Series

Start your @CharityCareer: Webinar series

Women in Academia

Leadership programme for disabled students

Have you missed this visa option for temporary work in the UK?

The Study China Programme

80,000 people did this last year - now it's your chance and it's free!

Call for more diversity in Whitehall

International students in London contribute £2.3bn to economy

Commercial awareness: an eastward march

Dude, where’s my future?

An interview with Liz Dawes, Trust Officer at City Disabilities

An interview with Liz Dawes, Trust Officer at City Disabilities

Paid Arts & Media Internships

Autism in the workplace

Finding disability-friendly employers

LGBT inclusion in the Global Workplace

Interview: Multimedia Analyst in Digital Art History and Visual Culture

No grad scheme? No worries!

Looking for a Job? Come and meet employers at the London Graduate Fair - 17th June 2015

International Student Guide to UK General Election

Shout Out to Post Docs

Wannabe Creatives - Have You Considered the 'Passion' vs 'Security' Trade-off?

When in Rome…Cultural Career Considerations

A case study in digital advertising

Things to do at Easter in London

Working in archives

When In Rome... (Part 3)

Want to leave the world of medicine?

When in Rome... (Part 2)

When in Rome… (Part 1)

Careers in Publishing webinar - this week!

Enterprise: Is it different for girls?

Rock Physics and Scilly Birds: Exotic vacancies this week

All the Techie ladies

Working in policy + internships!

International Women's Day

Awards Season and Diversity

Space: It’s open for business.

Get into Teaching

Reviewing visas for International students.....

Visa routes changes for international students

Ticking the Diversity box

Find Temporary Work in London

All sorted for summer? If not, see these new jobs and internships!

Stonewall Top 100 Employers

Career-management tips for PhDs

The 10 Most Important Future Work Skills

PhD or no PhD, that is the question

Disclosing criminal convictions to employers: Things you need to know

International students and graduates: this one's for you

‘If working-class gay school leaver can be made OBE, so can you’

Useful International Careers Information: TargetJobs

Teaching Styles and Dyslexia

Employability Prospects for Returning Indian Students

Why I decided to take a year out of my studies after graduation to focus on entrepreneurship

New Years Resolution? Sort that career plan out.

But none of my family are professionals…

Employer Insights: Local and National Government

Help with funding for overseas students.

Advice for budding entrepreneurs

An Overview of Careers in Charities/Non-profits

How to write a GREAT UK CV or application and find a job: Part 2

UKCISA is a great one-stop shop to answer questions about living and studying in the UK

Is There an Entrepreneurial Personality?

Earn while you learn

Studying Medicine in the USA

Considering a PhD in the arts & humanities?

Global Entrepreneurship Week

Disabled Students' Allowance (DSA) - changes have been postponed


Does the sea of poppies reflect a sea of hope for the future?

Start a business which makes a difference.

From the professionals: working in Advertising, Marketing & PR

Diversity Roundup - October

Creating effective CVs as a researcher

Self-Employment, an Empowering Option?

Disabled graduates: Life after university

Forging a career in festivals

Top tips from our journalism & publishing professional panel

They want you as a new recruit

British brand trade deal in India could boost employment prospects

Women in STEM

Job seeking tips for dyslexic graduates

Accessible careers events

Publishing: What I learnt from my communications internship

Bipolar awareness day

But none of my family are professionals…

3 Minute Thesis competition for researchers

So you want to be a…Professional Musician?

Frontrunner for Disabled Students Programme

Upfront Tribunal Fees: Are they fair?

Exciting new vacancies on JobOnline!

How to write a GREAT UK CV or application and find a job: Part 1

Preparing for an interview.

Elitist Britain?

Elitist Britain?

Why The Third Sector might be a good choice for you

Academic careers in Japan

Diversity resources

Robin Williams: Sparking discussions on depression

Life in London

Feature: an insight into journalism

Skills for Global Work –Skills for Global Life?

Diversity in Science

How can graduates improve their job prospects in the creative & cultural sector? (+internships!)

Find a job in Europe

Online Application Forms as a Barrier for Dyslexic Candidates

Ethnic Minorities and Elite Universities

Guest Post: Eight quick reasons to work at a startup - James Pursey

LERU Academic Career Map – handy tool for researchers interested in going abroad

Calling all aspiring student journalists!

Insight from a student social entrepreneur

College of Europe - fully-funded Masters

Diversity in STEM Careers

Too young…too old…it shouldn’t matter!

Fully funded Masters programme and ‘College of Europe - Arenberg European Prize’ at The College of Europe

The College of Europe

Looking for some inspiration - Teach First 'What Next' event

Parliamentary inquiry into the closure of the UK Post Study Work Visa

The Future of Work- Self Employment and Freelancing

Breaking into the Not for Profit Sector: Top Tips

Gender splits and glass ceilings

Gender splits and glass ceilings

Marketing yourself back home. Part 3 - Over coming Barriers

Gonna be an engineer?

Marketing yourself back home. Part 2- Networking…

So you want to become an entrepreneur?

The biggest and best national graduate recruitment fair in London will take place on 18 June

Refugee Protection and Forced Migration

Am I too old?

Am I too old?

Marketing yourself back home. Part 1- Know the local market…

Expand your horizons this summer

New tool to help you research unknown job areas

Cultural Diversity in Fashion

Exciting new FREE online careers course

Goodbye University, Hello Career...

Why Buying a Franchise Could Be A Perfect Career Choice

Do we need to put Barbie in a boiler suit?

Spotlight on an Entrepreneur - Nucco Brain

Kara Tointon: How the former EastEnders and Strictly star beat dyslexia

Would you like to get work experience in China?

Getting work as a 'global graduate'

Stephen Sutton and Malala show teens can be real charity campaign champs

Where will you be in 2030?

International Student Money Part 2 – Personal Budgeting

We are about to ‘Reach’ the end of April……

Opportunity to write for alternative news network

International Student Money Part 1 – A new financial year

'Eggcercised' to reflect on religion and faith and how this relates to the workplace?

New playwriting competition!

The world of TV: free online seminars

Find out more about Teaching English Abroad

Age and work - should we all have a sell by date?

Could Post Study Work Visa rules be changing?

NATO Parliamentary Assembly – Research Assistants

BAFTA scholarships!

Portrayal of disability in the media - a power for good?

Finance career paths in India: part 2

Win a paid internship! Low Carbon Entrepreneur 2014

Finance Career Paths in India: Part 1

Tips for budding entrepreneurs

Law careers beyond the Law

Social media: how do you use it well?

Globally Gay

It's good to talk...

Rehabilitation Law Reformed

China careers event

Starting Out: Freelancers and Entrepreneurs Share Their Thoughts

International Women's Day

The story of a study abroad start-up

Gradlink site launches CV building and employer links

Misrepresentation of BAMEs in the Media industry

Paid placements in advertising!

Working in social media

Taking the work out of networking

Don't Let Your Disability Define You

Singapore - could it be for you?

Telling your employer that you are pregnant

LGBT History Month

CVs for the Gulf

Media Week: An intro to film and scriptwriting

Breaking news! Media Week is coming...

Disclosing your disability to employers

It's official: Study Abroad students earn more

Top tips for choosing a Masters Course

Who Run the World (Girls)?

Ace your assessment centre (and practice with us next week!)

The Best International Careers Resource: GoinGlobal

Ethnic diversity and the workplace

The Careers Group on Twitter

Social Mobility and You

Is your visa correct?

Funding further study

The disability and health employment strategy - the discussion so far

Happy festivities!

Disability in the Workplace

Insider advice on careers in marketing and advertising

Should I do a Masters?

Translating international school grades

The gender issue

United Nations Virtual Careers Fair

Alternative Energy Careers

Top industry tips for working in the arts

Researching Finance for Beginners: Part 2

Researching Finance for Beginners: Part 1

Disability Confident

International Organisations Careers Fair

Where would you fit in the advertising industry?

New Entrepreneur Scheme

Making the most of London

Working in the UK for Croatian, Bulgarian & Romanian students

Recruiting employees with disabilities

Free careers event on working in theatre

Working in the diplomatic service

International Cultural Youth Exchange

Immigration and BAME

Visa regulations update

Civil Service Recruitment

Working in IT with Aspergers

Get a free professional fundraising qualification!

Make your mark: set up your own charity.

Your questions for the Head of the UK Diplomatic Service...

Great with Disability

Finding part time work

Men in Fashion

Fancy rounding off your education with a Masters from Harvard?

Civil Service HR Fast Stream

UK Disabled People's Manifesto

How do I get part-time work?

Volunteering in Peru

Thought about working in the university sector?

Why infosecurity needs women

A bookish post: Part III

Are you missing out? Get started on LinkedIn

A bookish post: Part II

International Development in Peru – with the Otra Cosa Network

Expert industry advice on arts & humanities careers

A bookish post: part 1

What can I do with a 2:2? Thinking of looking outside of law?

Interns Placed by The Careers Group and the Business Value of Equal Opportunities

Getting constructive interview feedback

Follow the Money: 7 ways to fund your business idea

More than stacking shelves: How a career in retail might be the right fit for you

Questions on interviews

European Commission Traineeship

Global Recruitment Trends

Drive to get more disabled people into mainstream jobs

Show me the money!! Finding funding for your creative business

Top 5 tips for generating new business ideas

How will you measure up?

Law for non-lawyers: getting legal experience

Academic and Non-academic careers for PhD grads

The 2013 2:2 Guide: Your Top 3 options on what to do next

Doctoral Extension Scheme

Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition

A less personal statement

Overseas jobs

Seven questions we always hear about CVs

Women and Architecture

Job search in the USA

"Would you rather fight a horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses?"

Studying in the USA

Volunteering in Sudan

A speculative success story…

Ending the year on a high: our internship bloggers

Opportunities in Nepal and India with Generation

Revision's over, ramp up the job search

What do law firms want?

Autism recruitment drive

Post-Graduate Funding - look in unexpected places.

What to say, and what not to say, at Interview

Investment banking: beyond the trading floor

Gay by Degree

Top 5 essential resources for Finance careers

Is a City career for you?

Case studies - a piece of inspiration

Interview wardrobe crises?

Market Update Summer Term 2013

Where do graduates work?

Too old to go digital?

Which companies offer the best work experience?

What visa do I need if I want to work in the UK?

It's a balancing act: internships alongside your studies

Working with bipolar

Self-Employment and Five Ways to Build a Brand Profile

Today's jobs and internships for students and graduates

Five Essentials of Networking: Part 2

International Citizen Service - VSO

There's more than one way to train as a teacher...

International student visa rules update

Access support to help you into work

How could my criminal record affect my job search?

How to apply for a PhD in the arts & humanities

Five Essentials of Networking: Part 1

No language? No problem - you can still Study Abroad!

Autism doesn't hold me back

Internships for International Students (Part 1)

Working for an ethical employer

Start-ups & Shakespeare...

The Civil Service Fast Stream

The reality of vet practice over the pond ... or is it?

Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Equality and Diversity - enhance your employability

The Collective Sierra Leone

Reputations and relationships: understanding PR

What shall I do with my life?

Your dream job, no boss and no application process?

Working in the USA

Getting International Experience

Assistive Technology for Dyslexia and SpLD students in HE and in the workplace

There's more to publishing than the love of books...

Post-Valentines' vacancies: this Friday's new jobs

Love & Hate: Franchising

UK Work Culture: what to expect

Working in Singapore

UK Postgraduate Study Explained

Get the facts on working in the EU

Our guest bloggers: new year, new internship?

Equal pay in Science? Apparently not! Women's pay ≠ Men's pay

Jobs in politics, policy and international government

How to write a UK CV

UK Postgraduate Study and MBA Fair!

Success in scriptwriting

Lost in Translation?

Your New Year career resolutions

International experiences for the summer

There may be a New Year Resolution on the horizon to prevent unpaid Internships

Getting experience in advertising

Top six tips for getting into journalism

Things to do at Christmas in london!

Christmas presents! In the form of fresh new vacancies...

Creative and cultural internships: what's next for our guest bloggers?

AIESEC - Be part of the bigger picture - volunteer abroad

Beyond law: what else can I do with my degree?

Working your way up in the world of TV

CVs and Applications: What the recruiters say

Sexuality and the City

Something for the weekend...

What can I do with my languages?

Applied to the fast stream and want more options? Here you go ...

"Our internship experiences": meet our new guest bloggers!

Case Interview advice


'Working in Hong Kong' seminar

A literary career: from internship to paid employment

5 Reasons to work in the FMCG industry

Why study abroad?

New jobs website

Legal Careers and Disabilities – do you need to disclose?

Working in PR - an insider view

Could You Be A Dyslexia Tutor?

Story of an overseas graduate

All the fun of the (careers) fair...

Friday jobs time...this week featuring sport, fashion and music!

British Council China Job Search Event

Getting into publishing

How could my criminal record affect my job search?

What is a graduate scheme?


Your Friday vacancy round-up

What's the fuss about internships?

Reach roundup

Make it real: work experience in the music industry

What do UK employers look for

Calling all potential lawyers...

Induction escapism - new vacancies!

Finding part time work

Thinking about TV?

Reach roundup

New vacancies on JobOnline...

A Career in the Cultural Sector?

Welcome to your new humanities blog!


Reach Roundup

Meet the superhumans

Nepotism and beyond - the power of networks

Looking for work in Dubai?

Are Women Better Leaders?

Reach Roundup 14 August 2012

The IF guide to the British Broadsheets

Self creation or self discovery?

“A diverse media is essential for a democracy to function effectively”

Inspiring Employment

Working with your Manager

Reach Roundup 1 August 2012

Working Culture in the UK

Reach Roundup 18 July 2012

Paid Traineeships in the housing sector

Reach Roundup 6 July 2012

Missed the Webinars?

From Us to You

Working After Studies – there is another way!

Reach Roundup 22 June 2012

UK Job Market & Getting Work Experience/Part-Time Work

Shattering disability perceptions

CVs and Interviews Webinar Presentations

23 May 2012 – Wage incentive for young disabled people announced

Thinking of working in the UK or abroad? Don’t miss these webinars!

English Football: Life in the Lower Leagues

No Summer Internship: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Work Experience

LinkedIn in Asia

Successful Job Applications for Students with a Disability

Writing a CV for India

Mobile phones, international relations and a summer internship

Want to be a diplomat in India?

Malaysia Job Search Resource

Job Search in Taiwan Pt 2

Is fundraising a diverse sector?

Job search in Taiwan Pt 1

Introducing Your Friendly Immigration Advisers!

‘How does an autistic person establish him or herself in a satisfying career?’

Postgraduate Study Abroad: Part 2.

How dyslexia helped Tom win 'The Apprentice'

The Centre for African Affairs and Global Peace

Postgraduate Study Abroad: Part 1.

British Englishes

International Summer Schools

New perspectives on networking

Interested in working in Science/Technology?

Job Hunting in Pakistan

Careers Group or Careers Service?

Becoming a Global Employee Part 2

Know who. Know how.

He'll just be treated like all the other wives

Becoming a Global Employee

Coming out at work

Proposed visa for students with entrepreneurial flair

Introducing Careers Podcasts

UCL Diversity month - open to the public

Making the Most of London in 2012

Your One-Stop International Careers Hub: There’s More to Careers Tagged than Mayotte

BBC Launches Search For New Disabled Presenters

Thinking about postgraduate study?

Thinking about further study?

Researching Law Firms for International Students

Find Alumni Groups

New Year's traditions around the world

What to do for Christmas?

It's criminal, putting the past behind you

International Futures on Facebook

Dyslexia and work

Assessment centres - Group exercises

E-tray Exercices

Assessment Centres

Working in China

Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual Careers Guide 2011/12

Working in Mayalsia

Google Europe Scholarship for Students with Disabilities 2012

Being self-employed

Work culture

Experience it for yourself…disabled and starting out?

Getting started: The City

Starting out

Putting your overseas grades on a CV

A new web application for blind Internet users

I want to go home after work!

An internship with Procter & Gamble

A community of support

Book review: Rework

And on a lighter note...

Women making it in the Armed Forces

Psychology options for non-EU students

Are you LinkedIn?

New Legal requirements for the law industry

Entry level emergency relief work with Medair

Thinking about doing a research degree?

Book review: Refuse to choose

Working overseas Pt 2

Working overseas Pt 1

Children, Youth and International Development

Careers and internships in European Institutions

Tips on applying for PhDs

Please Mind The Gap

What to read: starting your own business

Show me the money!

Studying in the developing world

What to read: career change

What do mathematicians do?

Study India

Maths careers - what can I do?

Careers using languages: a world of opportunity

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